About labour lawyer

Edgars Timpa is a lawyer, specialist of labour law, occupational safety and fire protection. Overall his working life is linked by jurisprudence. At the moment he works in the trade union as a trade union board member and chairman. Before he worked in the State Revenue Service as a legal counsel in the Legal department of the Tax administration. Also he worked as a civil servant in the public administration institution, for example, the State Labour inspectorate, Customs, State Revenue service, National agency of provision, etc. Specific professional skills mostly he got, when he worked in the State Labour Inspectorate in Division of labor law as a lawyer-unregistered employment analyst and as a contact person with other European Union member institutions. Together with the State Labour Inspectorate of Labour law division leading legal adviser Vilnis Virza and legal adviser Arni Saidānu contributed to the state monitoring and control of labour relationship.

Participated in several working groups and social dialogue for the improve labour relationship on the national level. He also organized and led some seminars for young people, employees, employers and for others interested persons on the latest developments and issues in employment area. In 2012 participated in the twentieth anniversary of the EU single market. In European Union Single Market Forum he presented presentation with the theme of the issue "Posting of Workers: The legal and practical aspects."

Participated in the several working groups of the European Commission. Where he analyzed situation and he searched solution against unregistered employment. Has developed some comments and propositions into directive and the regulation process - mostly against unregistered work. Actively participated to the create of system for information exchange (Internal Market Information System) between the European Union labour inspectorates in the field of the posting of workers. At the national level he contributed the activities against undeclared work and he improved some methods of works. He provided information to researchers from „CARDIFF UNIVERSITY” about situation in Latvia with unregistered employment, including explanation about illegal work: causes and consequences. As a competent specialist in labour law participated in the "Doing Business 2013" development process. Since 2007 he has continuing use the knowledge and experience to work in the professional area.

He finished the business school (university) "Turība" and received Masters degree of science of law with a specialization in public law. Previously in the Baltic International Academy received a Bachelor's degree in law with a lawyer grading. He has been improving her skills and professional knowledge in the international exchange of experience working groups (the Czech Republic, the Republic of Lithuania, Belgium, Luxembourg),as well as public administration schools and other educational institutions. Plans to continue postgraduate studies.

In 2013 participated in municipal election as a non-partisan candidate, and offered to involve Riga to the fight against "shadow" economy . The aim of activity is to promote productive dialogue with Riga city residents and given basic an explanation and a view of a "shadow" economy and the significant effects on the overall development of the city Riga.

Since 2014 in accordance by the Law "On Taxes and Fees" he registered as physical person engaged in economic activity. More information you can find out is here.


In May 2014 signed a contract with the Legal Aid Administration for legal aid, thus becoming the provider of legal assistance in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the law. List of the Legal aid providers.

He has continuing studies at Riga Technical University, by study programme occupational safety specialist.

Bachelor's degree diploma Masters degree diploma

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